Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Started


We are a small, first generation, sustainable family farm in Kent County, Maryland.  We strive to produce quality, all-natural food for our family and yours!  We believe all animals should be raised in the most natural and stress-free enviroment as possible.  Currently, we are working in the USDA's transitional organic program.  Our first step is converting conventional field to organic hay.  We use organic methods to grow our vegetables and herbs.  We want only the best for our families and yours!

Come visit us at the Arbutus Farmers Market on Thursdays beginning June 9th from 2pm-6pm and at the Druid Hill Park Farmers Market on Wednesdays beginning June 1st from 4pm-7pm.

Call to see if we have scheduled drop-offs in your neighborhood.  Currently, we have locations in Pasadena and Glen Burnie.

At this time we have broiler chickens, whole hog italian and loose sausage and all-natural beef.  We do have a limited amount of fresh eggs. We are working with other local farmers to bring additional products to our drop off sites.

We hope to establish on farm sales times and family events in the near future.

Hope to see you soon,


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