Friday, July 22, 2011


Wow!  Is it hot?  It has been a bear doing chores on the farm.  If the heat doesn't get you the insects definately will.  The animals are hanging in there.  The angus hang in the shade of the pole barn during the day and venture out to the grass in the early morn or late evening.  The pigs are catching up on their beauty rest in their cool wallow.  The Guernsey steer don't seem to mind the heat but are much more docile these days.  But, the poor poults are hot as heck in the brooding house!  They still do not have all their feathers so it isn't quite time to put them out.  We have fans going and mist them every hour or so and this seems to help.  As soon as this heatwave breaks it should be time to put them out to pasture.  The turkeys seem to do fine in the heat, they are a week younger. However, we have lost a few seems to be a snake getting in.  We did our best to close up any holes and are hoping the remainder are safe and sound.  Keep cool, this has to pass soon...

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  1. We missed you at the Arbutus market today. In fact, went specifically to purchase your meats. I hope to catch you next time!